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Calendars and planners.

Have you got a family calendar in full view so that everyone can see it? If you haven’t, now is probably a good time to get one as they will be on sale over the next couple of weeks and I think that it’s really important to have a good family calendar and personal planner in order to stay organised.
When you have a lovely new calendar and you’ve filled in all the birthdays and school dates and the like, it is time for the most important step. You actually need to use it!! I can not count the amount of times that I have brought a lovely new calendar and filled it in, full of hope for being so much more organised only to find myself taking it down the following December having not looked at it since.
If you get a calendar and you keep it in full view for the rest of the family and make sure that they all know it is there and that they need to fill in their obligations, it makes life a lot easier as you can see where everyone is suppose to be and when.
I also have a planner which is my life line to staying organised. I always use a page-a-day planner as I like to have lots of space so that I can use it to note down meals and household tasks as well as appointments and other important things.
I always do a calendar check every morning with my planner in hand so I can add in anything that I’ve put in my planner or add anything that has been put on the calendar to my planner if you get what I mean!
I spend 20 minutes or so planning out my week every Sunday as I can easily see what I have to do so then I can add in chores etc. for when I have some time.
I love being able to see what I am doing each day as I’m one of those people that need a plan to follow or else I end up floating about and never actually getting anything done!

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