Bottom gate!

Having two teenage girls often means that I am walking on egg shells as their hormones are all over the place and they can get very upset by the slightest things regarding their appearances. I normally find that avoiding giving an answer to questions can get me out of trouble so for example if asked ‘Does this dress go with these shoes’ I would say ‘Do you think that they go?’ Then they would say something like ‘yes, but I wasn’t sure’ to which I can then reply ‘Yes they do, you look lovely’ and all is well.
When I was a teenager the main concern of most women would be if their bottom looked big in what they were wearing as we didn’t want to have big bottoms, so when Chloe asked me if her bum looked big I thought to myself – ‘Yes! I can get this one right!’ and I said ‘No darling, you can hardly see anything as your bottom is so small’. So, you can imagine my confusion when she got very angry and upset with me!

You see it turns out that now-a-days girls like to have big bottoms and I’m guessing this is due to stars such as Nicki Minaj, who seems to have a rather large derriere compared to her tiny figure. I felt terrible and it took me a lot of grovelling to make things right with Chloe over this.

The next day I was chatting with Lauren about appearances and she asked me what I thought of her bottom as a few people at school had said it was nice and I thought to myself ‘this time I will get it right!’ so I said ‘Your bottom is great, really sticks out with a nice curve.’ To which she got very upset with me as she does not want a big bottom and she said I’ve made her really self conscience now which is the last thing that I wanted to do!

You see when it comes to teenage girls and their appearance you really can not do right for doing wrong and the only advice that I can offer you is to avoid the conversations all together, advice that I really must start taking myself!

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  1. says:
    Oh dear, I have all this to look forward to! #ShareWithMe
  2. says:
    aww bless her i was going to say I am glad I have boys but I have a while until they're teenagers and I am sure I am going to hate the teenage years! your post did make me smile my mum probably felt exactly the same as I grew up! #sharewithme
  3. Oh bless you, can't win. Teenage years are so difficult for everyone around. The teenagers feel that their parents don't get it or understand and us parents feel that we can't ever doing anything right. Hormones are awful both growing up and as adults. hahaha Sounds like you got your hands full with two. Bless you. At least you know it will soon be over this stage and you will have two best friends once the hormones die down. Funny how one wants a Kardashian bum and the other doesn't. We are all so different! ;) Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I have enjoyed reading your post and getting to know you and your blog. Hope to see you again soon. ;) #sharewithme
  4. says:
    Oh, hilarious! I will definitely refer back to this when my girls hit the teenage years! How things change - I have been at war with my big bum for years!! Great post! E x
  5. Oh no! I would have assumed like you, it's about making it small, but who knows what's on trend nowadays?! And it seems one rule for one, doesn't work with the other! #ShareWithMe
  6. says:
    You just can't win sometimes can you? I agree, better to say nothing and avoid the conversation at all costs xx
  7. says:
    No you can't :-) xx
  8. says:
    Glad I'm not the only one with that assumption! :-)
  9. says:
    Thanks Emma :-) xx
  10. says:
    Thanks Jenny :-)
  11. says:
    Thanks Helen :-)
  12. says:
    Yes, the teenage years are definitely a lot more challenging then I ever thought that they would be lol! Thanks for commenting :-)
  13. says:
    Oh dear, you can never win! It is not easy being a teenager, but I had actually never thought of the mum's perspective... Oh my goodness, in about 10 years, I will have three teenage daughters at home (oh dear!). Mel #Sharewithme
  14. says:
    Good luck with three lol!

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