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Life update

My bittersweet December

December has been a bittersweet month for me. Christmas is always my favourite time of year due to being with my family but of course, we only got one day this year so it was just not the same. On boxing day we were placed in tier four so even tighter restrictions are now in place. Despite all of the glum news, here are my highlights from my bittersweet December 2020!

Home school

We finished our Minecraft home school topic and Faith really enjoyed it. It was a lovely way to wind things down for the Christmas holidays. Faith enjoyed having a break from learning (if there is such a thing, as in my opinion, you learn all the time!). 

Family time

We enjoyed some lovely winter walks with the dogs which were really relaxing. I even collected some fallen branches and berries and attempted to make a natural wreath!

A natural handmade wreath hanging on a yellow door
My poor attempt at making a handmade natural wreath decoration for the front door!


My two oldest daughters, Lauren and Chloe, came over for Christmas day. Lauren and James, her fiance,  and of course, Chloe and Keaton our grandson. We got up and had croissants for breakfast. Then we opened our stockings. By this time it was nearly ten, so we got ready for the day and cooked the Christmas dinner. 

We ate at about two in the afternoon and then spent the next few hours opening the presents from under the tree. We spent the evening playing games and picking at cold meats, cheeses, and crackers. It was a really lovely day. If you follow me on Instagram I have a video on there showing our Christmas day. I think it is around six minutes long if you fancy a look. 

And the rest!

We didn’t get to see my mum, dad, or siblings as the government changed what we could do at the last minute so that was sad. No boxing day sales shopping with my oldest daughter either like we had planned. 

It was Darren’s birthday December 28th. It is always annoying as it gets overshadowed by Christmas but then again, he always says that he does not want a fuss as he does not enjoy his birthday now he is getting older! (Men, hey!). 

Family in the Livingroom in front of the tree

It was not a bad month. I was blessed with lovely presents and I got to have my kids all together on Christmas day, so I know that I am lucky compared to some. However, it is certainly not a month that will go down in my memoirs. I will be glad to eventually go back to some kind of ‘normal life’ once we beat this pandemic but who knows how long it will actually take?

I hope that you had a good December, whatever you were up to. Much love. 

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