A new born baby, a girl in cosplay and fireworks over the waterfront
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Birthdays, New Baby and Family Fun.

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Another busy month which was very family focussed. 

A new arrival 

On August 8th 2019 my very first grandchild was born! A beautiful boy weighing 8lbs 1oz. If you follow me on social media you will have no doubt seen him popping up all over my stories, as he is such a blessing! I will not go into too much detail now as I think that his arrival deserves a whole post dedicated to him and my beautiful daughter Chloe. I was there supporting Chloe when he was born and it was one of the most emotional and fantastic experiences I have ever had! Since his birth, the days have been flying by and I have gotten behind on my blog as I had no idea how much of an impact a new baby in the family was going to have!

New born baby in his going home from hospital outfit which is a pale blue sleepsuit with the message 'hello world, I'm Keaton' in white letters
one month old baby boy close up photo of the cute half smile on face.

Norwich Amine and Gaming con

I took Faith to the Norwich anime and gaming con which was a two day event at the holiday inn. She really enjoyed it and made lots of new friends which is fantastic. Her confidence has certainly improved over the last few months as she was up on the stage multiply times taking part in different games and competitions. I couldn’t be more proud!

To be honest, I was a little disappointed on the first day, as I had not realised that Faith would want to be with her friends for the whole day so I was left on my own for most of the day.  I understand that she is getting older but I had been looking forward to sharing the day with her so I had to give myself a good talking too so that we did not fall out as I have to let her spread her wings! 

On the second day, I took my husband so that I had someone to talk to which worked out much better. We even played a few board games from the board game area which they have at the conference. That was much more enjoyable and Faith could spend time with friends knowing that I was not lonely. Therefore, for future cons I will have to make sure that I have someone with me for me!


Faith entered the costume contest, cosplay blind date and the lip sync battle which was all up on the stage. She spent all of her money on ‘merch’ as she likes to say and loved meeting so many like minded people. 

BBQ for my dad and triple doggie birthday celebration!

We had the family over for a BBQ for my dad’s birthday. We also celebrated the boys birthday as well as we always pick one day a year in August to celebrate all three of their birthdays. That way, none of them feel left out and they all get a fuss and presents and cake! It was a nice day although we had to eat inside as it was cloudy and a little cold. It is always nice seeing dad as he lives in London so we do not get to see very much of him. I love making a fuss of our boys and seeing how happy they get when they celebrate their birthday. 

Our turn to host the big family game night!

It was our turn to host the big family game night this month. Even though I write about good relationships, even me and Darren do have the odd argument and oh my, did we pick a great time to have a big one! 

Just before everyone is due to arrive for the game night we started arguing. It was all over something really silly, but I think that things have been getting on top of us lately. We were both tired and stressed, so rather than discuss things like adults, we decided to shout at each other! We had a garden full of guests who could hear us screaming at each other, it was so embarrassing!! 

No one is perfect! We all make lots of mistakes! My sister braved it upstairs to see what was going on which shocked us into silence. It calmed us down and then we realised how stupid we were being. Walking down and facing everyone was so hard but the family were all really good about it. So, we got on with our game night and still managed to have a really good evening. 

We played ‘the best of TV and movies’ board game in teams of two and me and Darren won! 

Other news.

We have been busy seeing family and Faith has enjoyed the summer break from home school work, spending lots of time cosplaying and seeing her friends. 

My oldest daughter Lauren was home alone for a few days when her fiance went away to Sweden. As she is not a fan of being home alone, Faith had a sleep over at Lauren’s one night and then the next night I had a sleep over at Laurens! It was really nice spending time alone with Lauren, just the two of us. We ate pizza and played video games and had a good gossip, it was great fun. 

Our town had it’s annual waterfront festival which is just a short walk from where we live so we went and watched the firework display that they do each year. It was the first time that we have gone to watch them, even though we live nearby! It was lovely and a nice way to spend an evening.

My weight loss plans are still on hold at the moment! There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get everything sorted out which is frustrating at times, but I just keep telling myself that I will get there in the end! 

So that is all of my news for this month. If you would like to follow more of what I get up to then please do take a look at my Instagram account. I post on my grid daily and update my stories a few times each day. I hope that you have had a good month too? As always I love to hear from you so please do get in touch.

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