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Make your bedroom a place to recharge

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When you have children who are small, they go to bed early giving you the whole evening to relax. You have the whole house to yourselves so your bedroom may get neglected as you probably do not spend very much time there. However, when those children grow to tweens/teens or even adults they do not have early bedtimes and the house is no longer just for you at night time! 

When it gets to this stage, you really need to invest some time and energy in making your bedroom a place of relaxation that is your sanctuary for you to enjoy private time and recharge your batteries! Here are some tips to get you started. 

Start with the bed

So it may seem obvious but this is often overlooked. Your bed needs to be comfortable in order for you to get a good nights sleep and feel refreshed each morning. Do you need to invest in a new mattress or a whole new bed? If funds are tight, you may find just adding a mattress topper is enough to increase your comfort levels. 

How you style your bed is another more affordable way to make some changes. If you have old mismatched bedding then the bed will not look very inviting. Investing in some new stylish bedding which is good quality will do wonders for your bedrooms aesthetic. Making your bed each day means that when you come to your bedroom each evening you will feel relaxed and look forward to getting into the bed. 

Double bed with grey and white bedding
A change of bedding can do wonders for the style of the room. [Image courtesy of]

Temperature and lighting

Having the room at the correct temperature for you is another key way to ensure you enjoy your bedroom and sleep well at night. If you are someone who struggles with being too hot then you will definitely want to keep a fan in your room all year. You may even find it better to invest in a ceiling fan to help keep the room cool. If you are the opposite, then keep a supply of extra blankets in a basket near the bed so that you can easily grab them and layer up if you are cold. 

Lighting in your bedroom is also important. Good quality curtains or blinds can keep natural light out on those early sunrises in the summer. If you like to have good lighting in your room but your partner does not, or vice verses, than the one who wants total darkness could wear a sleep mask to bed. If you like to read in bed than a good reading lamp is needed so that you do not strain your eyes. 


Do not forget those personal touches which make it unique to you and your style. Photographs or pictures can brighten up a room,  whereas adding some motivational quotes as wall art will help to keep you feeling positive when in your room. A well placed mirror can give the illusion of more space and adding plants will give a more natural, homely look. 

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Make your bedroom what you want it to be

Adding a touch of extra luxury

To make the ultimate parental hideaway there are some things that you could add to make the room much more comfortable, although this would depend on how much space you have and your budget. 

A hot drinks station

You could make an area similar to rooms in hotels so that you could make yourself hot drinks without having to leave the room.  Coffee machines just need cold water so you could have a couple of refillable bottles of water on a tray with cups and spoons. Machines like Tassimo can make a variety of drinks and if you have a mini fridge in your bedroom you can even keep cold drinks and milk in there.

A reading nook

A chair with a side table, blankets and cushions and a supply of books can make a lovely edition for book worms if you have the space in your bedroom. Not into books, then why not make it a gaming nook instead! 

Zen room

If you really want to feel more relaxed then why not purchase an LED sound machine which can project calming lights and play calming sounds to really help you get in the right zone. Use incense sticks or essential oils to really add to the newage atmosphere. 

waterfall ornament for bedroom
Adding a water feature can be very relaxing

Whatever you decide to do, the main thing is that you make it your own. A nice child free area for you to relax and recharge so that you are ready to take on whatever life throws at you!

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