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Beautiful wall art and a competition!

I have never been a huge fan of hanging paintings in my home to be honest as I can never find anything that I love enough to look at every day and that also matches the décor but when it comes to pictures of my children then that is a whole different story as of course I love to look at them every day!

When Canvas design gave me the opportunity to do a product review for them I jumped at the chance as I knew exactly which photograph I would be choosing.

Canvas design is a family run business based in Darwen, Lancashire. They can put any photograph of your choosing onto a canvas ranging from 6″ all the way up to a 72″ and prices start at just £7.99 and everything comes with free delivery.

I chose a photograph of my three girls sitting together that is one of my most favourite pictures and I already have it as a screen saver on my computer as I love to see it and every time I do my heart smiles.

The lady I dealt with was very helpful and although I did not have to order directly, I have been on the Canvas Design website and it looks really easy and simple to understand.

Within a few days my parcel arrived and I was so excited I forgot to take some photographs of how it was packaged but it was packaged really well to ensure that the canvas arrived in great condition.

The canvas is made from 100% cotton and framed with 100% pine and it arrived with the attachments so that it could be mounted to the wall straight away.

I was really impressed with the quality of the canvas and it is now taking pride of place in the centre of my living room wall. I am so pleased and every time I see the canvas my smile stretches from ear to ear.

If you would like to order your own canvas you can do so by visiting their website here. If you use the code BLOG15 you can receive 15% off your order.


If you would like to win a canvas of your own of any size from a 6″ x 6″ to 40″ x 40″ then all you need to do is enter via the raffle copter below.

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  1. Anonymous says:
    id get my yorkie pixie on canvas x
  2. I have a walking dead style picture of me and the other half and I would have that popped onto canvas
  3. says:
    A picture of Hastings Beach that my partner took :)
  4. says:
    Got a lovely one of my son.
  5. says:
    one of our wedding pics as we only have them on disc
  6. says:
    A photo of my husband and I
  7. says:
    One of my kids!

  8. says:
    wow what a fantastic picture
    i would like one of my new kitten
  9. says:
    I have a lovely photo of my dog Jota and the children when they were younger I would love to see this on the wall.
  10. says:
    my girls in the snow - just got back from Sweden
  11. says:
    a family picture
  12. says:
    A really happy, sunny picture of us on our summer holidays last year.
  13. says:
    one of my kids or one of our wedding
  14. says:
    my 2 boys :)
  15. says:
    A nice view taken on holiday in the lake district
  16. says:
    my son on holiday
  17. says:
    i think the twitter account we're supposed to follow should be @Canvasdesignuk not @CanvasDesign as that doesnt seem to be a real account
  18. says:
    I'd like a photo of my girlfriend and me on holiday, but she'd probably want a picture of the dog :)
  19. says:
    Yes you are right! Thank you for letting me know, I have now changed it :-)
  20. I have a gorgeous photo of my daughter in a poppy field which I took last year
  21. says:
    My boys hugging their bunnies
  22. says:
    My grandson Aiden
  23. says:
    A lovely family photo shoot including grandparents
  24. says:
    One of my girls on the beach
  25. says:
    I would love a family photo
  26. says:
    My son :)
  27. says:
    My baby girl and me
  28. says:
    A family picture
  29. says:
    I have a beautiful photo of my late mum that I'd like to have on canvas.
  30. says:
    A picture of my husband and I once I lost a lot weight. I've had a gastric bypass 3 months ago and once I'm healthier I would a lovely picture of the two of us
  31. says:
    My granddaughter
  32. says:
    my 2 beautiful children
  33. says:
    A picture of my in laws wedding day as their 50th is coming up
  34. says:
    A photo of my mum stood next to the Orient Express in Austria
  35. says:
    a picture of my three beautiful granddaughters, they are 11 month twins and a two year old big sis, and so adorable --- not that I'm biassed or anything.
  36. says:
    What photo would you most like to see on canvas?
    a family photo
  37. Anonymous says:
    A beautiful family portrait, definitely.
  38. says:
    A scenic pic from when we were on holiday!
  39. says:
    I have a wonderful pic of my son and I atop the Alps - that's the one :)
  40. says:
    A holiday snap.
  41. Anonymous says:
    my cat bella
  42. says:
    My cats!
  43. says:
    no probs :)
  44. says:
    a family photo.
  45. says:
    one of my son and husband wearing fake moustaches!
  46. says:
    a photo of my parents with my grandson Daniel at their 50th wedding anniversary party taken last november
  47. says:
    My Grand-Daughter and her new baby brother who is due next month x
  48. says:
    A family picture of me, my partner and our little girl
  49. says:
    A pic from our last holiday :)
  50. says:
    I've got a photo of my kids laughing together that I think would be perfect :)
  51. says:
    One of our wedding photos
  52. Anonymous says:
    Family Portrait from my mothers 70th Birthday
  53. says:
    Picture of my little one :)
  54. says:
    I have a picture that has my whole family in it! Sisters, brothers, mum and dad and nephew and nieces 18 of us all together I would love to get that on canvas :)
  55. says:
    a picture of my daughter
  56. says:
    My family
  57. says:
    Hubby & I as teens
  58. says:
    Our favourite wedding photo- it's a candid shot of us walking along the beach together.
  59. says:
    Our family picture
  60. says:
    Our family portrait
  61. says:
    A photo of my gorgeous little girls

    Kel Ellen Hirst xxxx
  62. says:
    I would have a photo of my beautiful baby girl.
  63. says:
    one of my son
  64. says:
    my 4 children
  65. says:
    My 3 boys!!!
  66. I would love one of my three Malamutes :)
  67. says:
    One of our wedding pics
  68. says:
    I would love a family portrait on canvas
  69. says:
    My daughter and my newborn once it has arrived :)
  70. says:
    My husband skydiving
  71. says:
    My 5 children all together
  72. says:
    I would love to use the photo of me and my boyfriend holding the keys outside our first ever house last december on move in day :)

    Louise Paul
  73. says:
    Id get the on of the Hubby I and our kids on our Wedding day! :D
  74. says:
    my daughters dance school
  75. my daughters
  76. says:
    I'd love to get one of our wedding pics on canvas
  77. says:
    I'd get a lovely pic of my daughter and mum :)
  78. says:
    My little boy on holiday
  79. says:
    I would get a lovely pic done - the first photo of my daughter minutes after she was born :)

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