Be kind to yourself!

Christmas day is fast approaching and it can be very easy to forget to look after yourself when you are caught up in the hype of Christmas. Try to take a few moments today to be kind to yourself and take some of the pressure off your shoulders, as most of the time, we are the ones that are putting that pressure there in the first place.
There is no such thing as perfect and that is a fact, as everyone has a different point of view. What may seem like the perfect Christmas to you could be a total nightmare to another person and vice versa. The truth is that more often then not the reason we often feel so much extra pressure and stress at Christmas is because we create that ourselves. We tell ourselves that we must have a perfectly clean house, beautifully decorated. We must look like we just came from a magazine cover and so must our children. Everything we eat should be made from scratch with our bare hands and there should always be homemade cookies on offer for surprise guests. Our tree should be bursting with gifts and we should be doing Christmas activities with our children every minute of every day. This is so unrealistic and you would have to be bionic woman with a team of highly skilled workers to be able to pull of a Christmas like that!  Sometimes we need to stop and take a few minutes to really think about what we are telling ourselves. Will your husbands Christmas really be ruined if you do not make the bread sauce from scratch this year? Will your children hate you for ruining their Christmas if they only have 5 presents instead of 6? when I say it like that I am sure that you would agree how silly all that sounds but sometimes when caught up in the moment of Christmas we can say things like that to ourselves and completely believe it, so that is why I am saying to you to stop and take a minute to think things through and be kind to yourselves.
Make sure you are eating three meals a day, getting 8 hours sleep a night and taking time out to enjoy yourself. After all Christmas is about love and family so keep that in mind  in the run up to Christmas day and remember that love starts with loving ourselves.

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