Bath time fun!

My little one loves having a bath, she has always been a real water baby and her absolute favourite activity is to go swimming. When I had the opportunity to review the H&A finding Nemo bubble bath I jumped at the chance.

The bottle is beautiful featuring Nemo from the Disney film ‘Finding Nemo’ which went down really well with Faith as we had watched the film over Christmas so she knew who it was.

The bubble bath didn’t really have a scent to it and it was a clear liquid. My only criticism was that it didn’t make a huge amount of bubbles but that is down to Faith liking there to be loads. This was good in the fact that it was much easier to wash Faiths hair without there being so many bubbles which is the normal problem I have.

It is dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic, suitable from new born and tear free.

I think that having fun at bath time is really important as it ensures that your child will behave when having a bath and leads to them developing good hygiene as they grow. I have written a poem to go along with some photographs that I hope illustrates the fun we have at bath time.

Time for a bath which is always fun,
Trying H&A bubble bath with my mum.
We run the water and bubbles appear,
The bubble bath is gentle so there will be no tears.

   I love to splash as I giggle away,
It is so much fun to wash away the day.
I lather up and wash my hair,
Sometimes soaking my mum, if I dare!

I fill my bath with so many toys,
Each and every one brings me so much joy.
Mum always jokes ‘there’s no room for me’,
But I don’t care, I just laugh with glee.

I like to watch the water swirl as it leaves the plug,
I like to hear the sound it makes as it gurgles and glugs.
Then it is time to get ready for bed,
And I drift off to sleep with a smile on my head.

I was sent the H&A bubble bath to review, but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. says:
    We tried this too and my children loved it! Found you through #PoCoLo.
  2. says:
    Thanks Jenny
  3. says:
    Oh bless her. It sounds like the H&A bubbles are FAB! I've seen lots of good things about them. Thank you so much for linking to PoCoLo, so sorry for the delay in commenting. I hope to see you back tomorrow (there is a new feature for people with less comments x)
  4. says:
    Thanks Victoria
  5. says:
    Aww what lovely pics, I love her princess pjs!! #pocolo
    Amy @2boys1mum
  6. says:
    Thanks Amy, yeah those princess pjs are my fave!
  7. Fab post - glad to know that bathtime is still fun as they get older. Bathtime is still one of my favourite activities #pocolo
  8. says:
    Mine too! Thanks for commenting :-)

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