Woman and her pregnant daughter in the garden at a baby shower with baby related decorations around the main picture
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Chloe’s Baby Shower

On July 7th I threw Chloe a baby shower. I had very little time to prep and plan and I was on a low budget, but I think that it went well. I planned for an afternoon shower, 2pm – 6pm. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves which was the main thing. It was especially difficult for me as I had never even been to a baby shower before let alone host one! This is where Pinterest is so handy! 

The shower

I hosted the shower in my garden using pasting tables covered with baby shower tablecloths for people to sit at. I decorated the washing line to make it look more festive! I made badges for family members saying things like ‘Nana to be’ and ‘Auntie to be’ and then purchased Chloe a ‘mum to be’ sash, as I knew that she really wanted one of those for her pictures.

Garden with baby shower decorations attached to the washing line
Nana to be homemade baby shower badge
Young girl with long hair and a white t-shirt wearing a homemade baby shower badge which says 'Auntie to be'

The food

I did a cold buffet – sandwiches, crisps and cakes. I made some chocolate cupcakes and added little sugar decorations for a baby boy shower which I found at the supermarket. I ordered a cake from a lady that my sister knows which was really helpful as she gave me a great price. I knew that Chloe loves elephants, so the cake needed to have an elephant on. I was really pleased with the results.

Table full of cold buffet food for a baby shower
Chocolate and salted caramel baby boy cupcakes
Large aqua blue iced baby shower cake with a edible elephant decoration on the top

The games

Being a family who loves games I packed the shower with a total of 6 games! 

  • How long am I pregnant for? This was a simple game where I gave everyone a list of 10 animals and a list of 10 time frames. Guests had to match the animal to the correct amount of time which the animal is pregnant for. 
  • Guess the baby food. I used five jars of baby food for this and removed the labels replacing them with number stickers so that I knew which was which. Guests simply taste and guess. I gave one point for a partly correct answer and two points for the exact answer. We used; egg custard, carrot and chicken risotto, butternut squash and salmon, cauliflower cheese and rice pudding.
  • Mummy or daddy? For this I simply wrote a list of statements and as I read them out, the guests would have to guess mummy or daddy. For example, ‘who started walking at nine months?’ and ‘who was born weighing 8lb 6ozs?’
  • Pushing or Porn! For this you need pictures of just the face of ladies who are either giving birth (pushing) or having sex (porn) and guests guess which is correct. This is not for everyone, but I knew that Chloe would find this funny.
  • Guess the chocolate poop! For this game, you get some different chocolate bars and melt a little of each chocolate bar into a separate nappy. Guests then have to guess what the chocolate bar is by using sight and smell. This is a great one for funny photos! I used; Bournville, Picnic, Cadbury fudge, Galaxy, Snickers and Cadbury dairy milk.
  • The price is right. I had a list of baby related items and how much each item cost. I read them out and guests wrote how much they thought each item cost. Then at the end they add up their total and the closest to my total wins.

They all went well and there was lots of laughing which was fantastic, although people were not so keen for the guess the baby food game! Some of the faces when they were trying them was hilarious! Being the host, I didn’t have to try any!

We had a fun day and Chloe got totally spoilt too! Sam (daddy to be) joined us for the last hour so that he could say hello and get in some of the pictures too. Not long now, until I finally get to meet my first grandson! Exciting times!

Family picture - Pregnant older daughter, younger daughter, mum, older daughter and dad at the back and small jack cross dog at the front

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