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Keaton turns one, I’m on the radio and more!

August has been and gone in what seemed like almost the blink of an eye! Mind you, we did have quite a bit happening compared to recent months where time seemed to stop! This month we celebrated Keaton’s first birthday. I was on BBC radio Suffolk and Faith was enjoying her summer break from homeschool.

Keaton’s first birthday

I know I must sound like a broken record but my mind really struggles with how can a year of passed already! It seems like only a few weeks ago that I was privileged enough to see Keaton take his first breath. Being Chloe’s birth partner is an experience that I will never forget. Being able to offer Chloe support and see her bring new life into the world was amazing. 

Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure trip 

I was lucky to be offered a press trip to Roarr! Which is a dinosaur themed family attraction in Norfolk. I realised that it could be a fantastic first birthday trip out for Keaton so asked for tickets on that day and they said yes which was brilliant. We were gifted tickets for myself, Darren and Faith and then we paid for Chloe to come too. Keaton would be free due to his age. I did a review on the park so if you have never been, do have a look. We had such a lovely day there and will definitely return in the future. 

Keaton sitting on a blue dinosaur at roarr with Darren and Faith
We had an amazing day out at Roarr! Dinosaur Adventure in Norfolk.

Keatons first birthday party!

Chloe did Keaton a lovely first birthday party and we tried our best to stay COVID compliant. We only invited family and two of Chloe’s friends who regularly see Keaton. We did the party outside in the garden and the food was in the kitchen so we limited how many could go in and get food at a time and we had hand gel for everyone before they got their food.

It was Paw Patrol themed and Chloe even did a pinata for the kids which went down well. It was so cute watching Keaton interact with Aaron, his cousin, who is three months younger than Keaton. I always think that first birthdays are more for us adults than the kids really as they will not remember anything from it at all! 

Radio Suffolk

I was invited to speak on BBC radio Suffolk as part of their series where they are speaking to local bloggers, vloggers and influencers. I had never spoken on the radio before so I was mega nervous! It went so fast but I have only received positive feedback from it so far, so I am really pleased. 

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Diet coke

After over 15 years of only drinking diet coke every day I have finally stopped it! I was not very well and I realised that there was a good chance that the carbonated drink was making it much worse so I decided that now is the time to address this issue. 

It was not easy as it has been such a part of normal life for so long. I would normally average a 2l bottle each day. Although the caffeine content is not as high as coffee drinkers it was still a regular amount that my body was use too. 

For the first two or three days it was hard as I had headaches and felt so tired and snappy but I just reminded myself that I gave up smoking so I can do this! I replaced my diet coke with sugar free squash so it must be healthier. I am now treating it with the same view as alcohol. A little occasionally as a treat. In the last ten days I have only had one glass of diet coke which was when we went out to dinner. I do feel much better in myself so I am pleased. 

What I have been watching this month

Prodigal son

I found this little gem on Sky One. It is so good, I really like it. It is airing once a week on a Tuesday but with catch up you can still view it. It is about a criminal psychologist called Malcolm Bright who is the son of a serial killer played by Michael Sheen. There are crimes being solved each episode but also the backstory of Malcolms struggles and unanswered questions from his childhood. Michael Sheen is fantastic. It is gripping to watch. 


Season 5 on Netflix gave us eight episodes and a big cliffhanger with the words ‘more episodes coming soon’ on the credits! Unfortunately if you have never watched this show, only seasons 4 and 5 are available on Netflix. I think it was originally on another channel, one of the sky channels but then got picked up from Netflix. 

Rupaul’s drag race 

Continuing our catch up on Rupaul’s drag race, this month we watched season five, six and seven! I am very naughty when it comes to watching shows where all the episodes are available to watch! I just can’t stop myself from carrying on to the next episode! I need more willpower when it comes to watching Netflix!


Season four of 3% available on Netflix. Sadly, I feel that this was the final season as when it finished everything was wrapped up and it just seemed like a final ending to it all. This is a really great show based on the idea that only three percent of the population could live in comfort as they are the best of humanity. Leaving the rest to live in slums in a desert like world. Definitely worth a watch if you have not seen it. 


A new Netflix series which is labeled as US teen drama based on a book. I really enjoyed this. It is about three girls who meet due to all having issues with shoplifting. The story shows how it is not about the things that they steal but much more about why they are stealing as they are using it as a coping mechanism for so much. Fantastic feel good ending too! I loved it!

Outer Banks

Another Netflix series, but one that Darren watched and enjoyed too. This is labeled as US teen action drama. Full of mystery, romance and issues of class it is a very good watch. 

Everything else

Wow, it is not until I write it down that I realise how much TV I have been watching this month! No wonder I have felt so busy, trying to fit all of that in!

It was also the boys birthday celebration day in August too! I have spoken about this a lot over the years but for new readers, we pick one day each year in August to do a birthday celebration for all three dogs together. 

It really has been a month of highs and lows with happy times and harder times. I have had a dental crisis which has been very difficult to deal with due to my dental phobia and no dentists taking new NHS patients in our area.

Faith has enjoyed time away from learning but the effects of being in lockdown and not really going out very much since then have really started to show the last couple of weeks. It is worrying but at least with me at home and homeschooling, I can help her though it and get her back to her normal self. 

So that is all of my news for August. I hope you have enjoyed reading and if you would like more regular updates about what we are up to then do follow me on Instagram as I post a daily grid post and multiple stories each day too. How was your August? I would love to hear from you. 

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