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August idea list!

Welcome to the August Idea List. If you are new to the blog you can read all about the Idea List and the accompanying Facebook group here. I hope you find it useful and if you join in, I would love to hear how you get on.

sand castle on the beach

Thursday 1st: Make sure you plan and buy all of your needed occasion cards for the month of September.

Friday 2nd: Get the kids to declutter their wardrobes. With them being on their summer break, it is the perfect time to get them helping and trying on clothes. 

Saturday 3rd: Today is sandcastle day! Why not take a trip to the beach? 

Sunday 4th: Clean out your toaster today – it’s amazing how crummy they get!

Monday 5th: Time for a safety check – test those smoke detectors! 

Tuesday 6th: Pick a room and clean those skirting boards.

Wednesday 7th: Clean your bread bin or storage.

Thursday 8th: Shine up all of your sinks and taps.

Friday 9th: Today is book lovers day so spend some time reading to honour the day!

Saturday 10th: Wipe down all of your kitchen sides today, removing anything in the way so they get a thorough clean. 

Sunday 11th: Organise your baking supplies.

Monday 12th: Take a damp cloth and clean all of your light switches today.

Tuesday 13th: Check your outdoor lighting and replace any bulbs if needed.

Wednesday 14th: Try drinking one extra glass of water than usual today – always good to stay hydrated!

Thursday 15th: Today is cycle to work day! Why not join in, or if you have too far to go or work at home like me, then why not go for a bike ride this evening?

Friday 16th: Organise and declutter your kitchen utensils.

Saturday 17th: Cook a family meal with your partner and/or kids. 

Sunday 18th: Deep clean your toilets today.

Monday 19th: Organise how you store your drinks today (could be cold, alcohol or hot drink supplies).

Tuesday 20th: Declutter your mobile phone and delete any apps that are no longer being used. 

Wednesday 21st: See how much paper you can recycle from your home today!

Thursday 22nd: Organise and declutter your underwear!

Friday 23rd: Bake a cake in honour of sponge cake day! (I certainly need no excuses for cake!)

Saturday 24th: Wash all of your hard floors in your home today.

Sunday 25th: Make a special breakfast today rather than the usual cereal or toast!

Monday 26th: Today is the last bank holiday of the year so make the most of it!

Tuesday 27th: Organise your cutlery today.

Wednesday 28th: Today is one for those with children – organise their school supplies today if you have not already done so. The new term is just around the corner!

Thursday 29th: Clean two of your inside doors today.

Friday 30th: Scrub down your dining table today, giving it an all-over deep clean. 

Saturday 31st: Clean and organise your video games and consoles today.

If you are an Instagram stories fan then make sure and follow me, as starting August 1st, I will be adding a reminder of the day’s task to my stories. 

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  1. What a fab idea to have a monthly to-do list! I'm really liking the sound of sponge cake day ;) Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. x
  2. I love this so much - what a great idea! I will do my best to follow along too x
    1. says:
      Great :-) Thank you x

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