At home family activities

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There are over 30 stay at home family activities here to hopefully inspire you and keep you busy when you are at home. They are split into four categories so if you do not have access to a garden then scroll down to the next category. 

Garden Activities

Seven at home family activities to do in your garden.

Grow your own veg

Make a family vegetable patch in your garden and grown some vegetables. Alternatively you could grow some veg in a mini greenhouse if you are short on space or even grow some herbs inside.


Put up your tent in the garden and have a sleep out experience. Being in the garden, you have the bonus of bathroom facilities as well! You could even toast marshmallows to get the full camping experience.


Make a family flower bed or flower border and plant together as a family. This teaches life skills as well as being a good fun family activity. If you plant sunflowers, the kids will love watching them grow and measuring them to see how much taller they have grown each day. 

Pool party

Put up a paddling pool or spa and enjoy a soak in the sun. If you close your eyes you may even feel as if you are on holiday! Depending on the size of your pool you could play ball games or marco polo in the pool. Put some music on and make a snack table for a proper pool party. 


Have a BBQ in the garden. You do not need to have loads of guests to have a nice meal in the garden and the smell of the BBQ makes everything taste even better! 

Rock garden

Make a pretty rock garden or decorate rocks to make a beautiful border in your garden. The rock garden could be themed to what your child enjoys. For example if your child likes fairies then you could add a fairy door and some toadstools to the rock garden. 

Water fight

Nothing better on a hot sunny day than a good old fashioned water fight! Whether you have water balloons, super soakers or just a bucket of water and a cup, you are sure to have lots of fun. 

A boy jumping through a water sprinkler in his garden on a sunny day
Even garden sprinklers can be fun family activities!

Technology related activities

Six stay at home family activities using technology. 


Karaoke can be a great family activity. If you do not have a karaoke machine, there are lots of singing games on games consoles and apps on smartphones. You could even print off some lyrics and go a cappella or if one of you plays an instrument then they could play the tune. 

Movie day or night

Nothing better than a movie marathon with lots of goodies to munch on. Using services such as Netflix, Disney + or Sky cinema, you will never be short of movies to watch. 

YouTube channel

Make a family YouTube channel or a Tik Tok account and get creating content together as a family. You could make funny meme type videos, answer question tags, do challenges, showcase different family members skills or do a combination of these ideas. 

Quiz night

There are so many ways that you could do this. You could use a premade quiz from the internet or think of the questions yourself. Perhaps each family member could make up a round of questions and then of course do not answer their own questions when playing! You could use apps such as zoom or house party to play with wider family members or friends. The possibilities are endless with this idea. 

Video newsletter

Similar to making a newsletter of family life you could make a video version. You could each write reports about different aspects and then record each other reading the reports. You could then add in some footage from your phones and edit it all to make a lovely newsletter style video. You could then email it to family who have email so they can catch up with what you have been doing. 

Console gaming

Games consoles often get a bad reputation but you could make a tournament with a prize where everyone gets to choose a game to play. Work out a points system at the start to minimise arguments and then battle it out to see who is the family champion. 

two children gaming at home family activity
Gaming can be a fun at home family activity


Eight creative stay at home family activities


This can be a lot of fun and can include the whole family regardless of age. You could make hand and foot print art, paint portraits of each other, have a go at potato printing, paint stones to hide around your area when next out for a family walk or even paint a room which needs refreshing.  


How about starting a family journal where you each take turns to record the events of a day each week and then put it all together and decorate with drawings or stickers. It could make a wonderful memory keepsake and also teaches the good habit of journaling. 

Junk modelling

As the name suggests. You gather all of your empty boxes and plastic bottles etc and see what you can create from a pile of ‘junk’. 

Make a bird feeder

Make a bird feeder or a birdhouse to put outside your window and then see how many visitors you get. You could even keep a note of which types of birds come for some food to add some education to the activity too. 


Start a family scrapbook where you each get to design pages to go inside. You could each pick one or two favourite photographs from the month and then make your page based on those pictures. Then put all of the pages together. If you did this each month then every year you would have a scrapbook to keep forever with shared memories. 


Baking can be a lot of fun and there are so many different things that you can bake. You are only limited by which ingredients you have. You could even do it bake off style and see who is better at making different types of food. The best part of this activity is that you get to eat it all as well!

craft sets

There are so many different types of craft sets available, you are sure to find something that you can all enjoy together. If you dig around in your kids rooms you will probably find a few that have been forgotten about to get you started. 


This can be good fun, seeing what each family member creates. If you do not have any clay, you could always make some salt dough instead. The possibilities of what to make are endless. Maybe you could theme it so that it narrows down the possibilities for those that find it hard to decide what to make. You could even make gifts for family members ready for Christmas or birthdays!

Blank book with paint brushes ready for a family activity
Creating something together can be a wonderful way to bond as a family

Other indoor activities

Another 12 ideas for stay at home family activities to keep you busy!

Play charades

This may be an old game but it is still a great game! You need nothing other then people to play and ideas so it can be played with no prep at any time. Other great old fashioned games like this includes hangman, noughts and crosses and who am I?

Make a time capsule

Get a container and pack it with things which represent your family and life in 2020. You then bury it in your garden for someone to find many years in the future! Ideas for items which you could include in your capsule: 

  • Letter explaining who you all are. 
  • Photographs
  • Video file on a memory stick
  • Page from a newspaper
  • A TV guide
  • Pennies
  • Favourite toys which are no longer needed
  • CD
  • A list of the price of some general groceries 
  • A takeaway menu
  • Empty packaging from favourite sweets or drink. 
  • A clothes catalog

Build a den 

Build a den or hideaway somewhere in your home using blankets and cardboard boxes. When our kids were small we would put blankets over chairs to make a den and they loved it so it does not need to be complicated.

Upcycle project

If you have an old table, desk or cupboard which has seen better days why not turn it into a family project and upcycle it together. This can be great fun and also teaches valuable skills too. 

Board Games

Board games are a great family activity. You could extend the fun by turning it into a tournament. Perhaps play one game a night for a week and the person with the most points at the end wins a small prize plus bragging rights!

Family book club

Take turns choosing books to read and then read together, taking turns to read aloud. You could even include extended family by using video apps. Then discuss the themes of the book and what you each thought of it. You could make this a regular event, perhaps once a month or even once a fortnight. 

Indoor treasure hunt

Think of clues to lead the family around the house on a treasure hunt. You could takes turns of setting up the activity and see which family member can write the best clues or who is the best at solving them. There are so many variants on this idea too. To make it simpler you could forget the clues and hide tickets and see who can find the most. 

Letter writing

Writing letters is often forgotten about but can be a lovely thing to do. After all, we all like to recieve happy mail. You could find penpals online as there are many reputable sites who connect penpals with each other. Alternatively, you could write to family members or friends that you have not seen in a while. You could write and send pictures to an older peoples home which is sure to make them smile or write thank you letters to people who do not always get the recognition that they deserve like postal workers or NHS staff. 

Learn a new language

This may sound ambitious but there are many websites and apps which teach new languages for free. Doing it as a family means that you can support each other and test each other as well. 

Keep fit

There are many fun ways to keep fit at home and doing it together as a family will help to keep you all motivated. You could play console games which get you moving such as wii fit or just dance, do zumba or workout dvds or YouTube channels. Try circuit training by making a circuit and using a two minute timer. When the timer goes off you all move along to the next station. There are so many ways that you could enjoy fitness together without even leaving the house. 

Research your family tree

This can be a nice activity for families and you can display the results of your family tree in many different ways. Typing in ‘family tree’ on Pinterest will give you so many examples. Children love things like this as it helps them to build their identity and see where  they came from. There are also lots of websites which offer free trials if you would like to go back further and see your roots.

Learn something new

Apart from learning a new language, there are a lot of other things that you could learn together as a family. You could learn magic tricks, circus skills, how to draw. There are so many ideas and you are sure to find something that you all like. 

man, lady and child reading together at home as a family
Reading together as a family could spark a lifelong love of books.

I hope that I have inspired you with this list of 33 stay at home family activities. I would love to know what you think, so do leave me a comment and tell me if you try any.  As always I love to hear from you. 

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