Five photos from the month of April. Top right - me and Darren in the park on a bench. Top left - My Easter home decor. Bottom left - me bowling in felixstowe pier. Middle bottom - Me and my son Elliot. Bottom right - Prince our Jack cross dog.
Life update

April News

Hello and welcome to my news post from April. Each month I write about the real ups and downs of the month and include a ‘what I’ve been watching at the cinema and at home’ section. 


On April 13th I had my third EC chemo. Again, I do not want to go into too much detail here as I will be writing a separate post about my experience once I have some energy for those that are interested. This one hit me a lot harder than the first two and it took a lot longer to recover from it. Probably my own fault for telling everyone that it had not been too bad! It does mark the halfway point for my chemo though so that is a good thing. 

Picc line update

Picc lines are supposed to be a godsend for people like me who have hidden veins, however, on rare occasions, they do not work. My experience of the picc line has not been good. Every week since it was inserted, it has not worked properly. They can never get blood out which they are supposed to do weekly and after so many attempts to get it working (including x-rays and medication) we decided that it would be better for me if we pulled it out. So after only six weeks, it was removed. On the bright side, I can now have the long pampering baths that I have been missing and I can swim when on holiday so those are two very exciting things for me. 


Having had chemo two days before Good Friday, Easter was very low key this year. I brought eggs for the kids and Darren did me and Elliot a roast dinner on Easter Sunday and that was it. Oh, and I had also put out a couple of Easter home decorations. On occasions like this, it is easy to feel bad and guilty for not pulling out all the stops like the accounts on IG, but it is important to remember that things like this are just a blip in our lives and our families understand when we are unwell. All we can do is our best and looking after ourselves is the top priority. 

Grey sideboard with Easter home décor

What I’ve been watching

As I have an unlimited card at Cineworld, I try to watch at least one movie a week. Here is what I watched in April. 

At the cinema


Morbius is another Marvel film, rated certificate 15. Jared Leto stars as Micheal, a doctor, who has a rare blood disorder that will shorten his life. While trying to find a cure he unleashes a darker primal side to himself that wants blood. 

Apart from being a bit too gory at the start of the film, this was a fantastic movie. The storyline kept me gripped the whole way through and I thought that Matt Smith and Jared Leto both did an amazing job. I highly recommend you give this a watch.

The Nan Movie

Catherine Tate’s character Nan is back with a movie that stars her, rated certificate 15. The film shows an insight into Nan’s past and features a road trip like no other for Nan and her grandson Jamie (Mathew Horne).

We loved it as we are huge Catherine Tate fans and Nan has always been one of our favourite characters. It is full of all the silliness you would expect from this type of film. Lots of laughs and a good storyline. 

The Nan Movie

Sonic the Hedgehog 2

Back for a second adventure, this time bringing in two more popular characters from the videogame, Tails and Knuckles. Sonic has settled in with his new family but life gets thrown upside down again when Dr Robotnik returns. This movie is rated PG.

We loved this, it was a lot of fun to watch. Jim Carrey plays Dr Robotnik and it was great to see him doing what he does best! Lots of laughs with a good storyline, well worth a watch. 

Fantastic Beasts: the Secrets of Dumbledore

The newest adventure of Fantastic Beasts sees Dumbledore having to gather those he trusts the most to help stop the dark wizard Grindelwald. The film is rated 12A.

There are a couple of parts in the movie where mythical animals are harmed and personally, I can not stand watching things like this. So be aware if taking young teens or if you are a sensitive soul like me! Overall, it was a good movie which I enjoyed very much. 

The Lost City

Popcorn with wording in the middle that says 'movie of the month' with five gold stars underneath.

The lost city is rated 12A and stars Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum. It is based on the author of a romantic adventure series being kidnapped by an eccentric businessman who thinks that she can help him find real treasure.  The model for her books wants to prove that he can be a real hero so he sets off to rescue her. 

I absolutely adored this film. It was so funny, full of laugh out loud moments and it was also very sweet with a hint of romance. The storyline was original and very enjoyable to watch which is why I am awarding this film my movie of the month award. 

The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

In this film, Nicolas Cage stars as Nicolas Cage! Or at least a fictional version of himself! The film is described as an action-comedy and rated a certificate 15. Cage is facing financial ruin so accepts the offer to attend a superfans birthday party for $1 million. However, things take a rapid decline when the CIA get involved. 

I enjoyed this film, although I feel that they used the funniest moments in the trailer. Still, it was a good watch. 

At home

Sonic 1

Knowing that Sonic 2 was at the cinema, we watched the first one before we went. It is rated PG and available on Netflix. This film sees Sonic arriving on Earth and the problems that unfold once Dr Robotnic gets involved! Well worth a watch. 


In this mockumentary, we see actors David Tennant and Micheal Sheen rehearsing for a play via zoom when we were in lockdown. It is rated certificate 15 and is available on Netflix.  I had high hopes for this series as I am a big fan of both David and Micheal but unfortunately, this was not for me. I only watched two episodes and that was enough! 

The Bubble

This movie shows the cast of an action movie shooting their film while in quarantine. Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this very much at all. I guess it was not suited to my sense of humour. It is rated certificate 15 and is available on Netflix. 

Is it Cake?

This is an American contest where bakers have to bake cakes that look like real things such as shells, handbags and hats. There is prize money up for grabs and it is quite fun trying to guess if it is cake. The show is hosted by Mikey Day who Elliot loves but I find rather annoying! It is rated PG and available on Netflix. 

Sleepy Hollow

This is one of my all-time favourite shows. So I decided to rewatch it as it is available on Disney+ rated 14+. It aired from 2013 to 2017. The show opens with Ichabod Crane being resurrected 250 years into the future (our present day). He is not the only one to have awoken so he teams up with local lieutenant Abbie Mills to fight the evil that keeps coming to the town of sleepy hollow.  A great watch! I was so upset when it ended. 

Stranger Things

We finally got round to watching Stranger Things and we are already on season three. It is based on four boys growing up in a small town in America in the 80s where some very strange things happen! It is rated certificate 15 and available on Netflix. 


This is a Korean show that we watched with English subtitles. It is rated certificate 15 and is available on Netflix. The story centres around Cha Min who unexpectedly gets brought back to life and given an orb which grants the power to bring people back to life too. There is a lot more to this, including murder, but I do not want to give too much away. Well worth a watch, although I was not happy with the ending. 

Hard Cell

This is another mockumentary type series, rated certificate 15 and available on Netflix. It is based on a women’s prison and Stars Catherine Tate. Catherine plays a number of the roles in the show but there is other supporting cast as well. Catherine also wrote the show. I was very excited about this, as I am a big fan of Catherine Tate but unfortunately it was not as good as I had hoped. 

Date afternoon

We managed a little date afternoon in Felixstowe which was lovely. It was all Darren’s idea, so really sweet. We walked along the front, got some fish and chips and had a go in the arcade. It was a lovely few hours and just what I needed after a rough couple of weeks. Even after 26 years together, the romance and love are still there!

Well, that is all of my news for April. How did your April go? Good, I hope? Let me know in the comments or by connecting on social media. 

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