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My April News

April has been a quiet month for us to be honest, but we have had some fantastic weather for April in the UK! Having said that, I do have a little bit of April news to share.

We hosted big family game night

On new years eve, we invited my mum and LJ and her partner around to play some games and see the new year in together which was lovely. This inspired my mum to host a family game night of her own, which included my sister and her partner and two children. We did this in March and it was a great evening so we all decided that we would make it a monthly event. April was our turn to host and our guests were; my mum, my sister and her partner, LJ and her partner, CJ and her partner and of course DJ, FJ and myself. 

I can not believe that I completely forgot to take photos! That was really unlike me, I guess I was too busy enjoying the evening! The host provides the food and a small prize for the winners. Everyone brings their own drinks and it is a great way to have a fun inexpensive evening. My sister is hosting the next one and I am really looking forward to it. 

Our Easter weekend

Cody dog. April newsWe had such beautiful weather over the long Easter weekend, it was amazing. Normally, the Easter weekend is renowned for cold and wet weather, but it was stunning. We had a quiet but enjoyable Easter weekend this year. We took the dogs to the local dog park which was nice, but it was so hot we couldn’t stay as long as we would normally stay as we were worried about the dogs in the heat. Prince, dog. April news

On Easter Sunday we cooked a roast dinner with all the trimmings and my dad, CJ and her partner came for dinner. FJ got spoiled with lots of Easter eggs and after dinner, my dad took her to the seaside where she had great fun winning tickets in the arcades! 

FJ on her Easter trail. April newsOn Easter Monday we went on an Easter trail which our local Blue Cross hosted. It was really nice as there was a trail for the kids where they needed to find animals and write down the names of each animal they found on the way. Being the Blue Cross, there were also sent boxes for the dogs and if they sniffed them out then you could open them and give the dogs a treat. The trail only cost £3 a child and it lasted for well over an hour. At the end of the trail, the children gave in their sheets and were given an easter egg. 

DJ and the three dogs on the Easter trail. April news

Prince, Leo and Cody

Joining WW again!

Now that Easter has been and gone, it was time to face up to the fact that I have gained all of my weight back again! Weight is something that I have struggled with for most of my life, I just can’t seem to control myself when it comes to chocolate and cake! It’s going to be hard as I have a huge amount of weight to lose but nothing in life worth having ever comes easy so wish me luck! My first actual meeting will be on Wednesday 1st May! 


Glambassador for Go Stationery London!

I am really excited to be a Go stationary glambassador. Regular readers will know that I absolutely love stationary, especially beautiful but functional stationary, which helps me keep organised and plan my life. If you use my affiliate code you will receive a 15% discount every time you shop and enter my code, so it is well worth taking a look. They have some amazingly beautiful products! 


Beautiful, functional stationery. April news


Goals for May

  • Lose at least 6lbs in weight.
  • To successfully pass my training for my new work at home job.
  • To finish planning my new podcast! Yes, you heard it here first, I am launching into the world of podcasting! More information to follow soon, so watch this space!

So, now you have heard my April news, what have you been up to over April? I would love to hear from you. You can comment below, contact me on social media or email me at:


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  1. What a lovely month you have had. I can't believe we are in May already! Good luck with WW. x Thanks for sharing with #MMBC. Hope to see you Monday!

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