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April in lockdown!

Welcome to this months news post. Although there will not be as much news as normal due to spending the entire month in lockdown! 


So a whole month in lockdown! Last month we had a couple of weeks at the start before we were all housebound. However, this month it has been the full month and cabin fever is seriously starting to set in! Darren was furloughed for three weeks but then made to return to work two weeks ago. His boss decided that work had picked up enough to get everyone back to work. I must admit I was not best pleased as I feel that health should be more important than profit! 

While Darren was home I did get to make use of him and got him to finally finish the painting which he had kept putting off! It makes the house look so much nicer having a fresh coat of paint. The house still needs a lot more work done and we need to replace a lot of old furniture etc but it all takes time and money which we do not have. Still, little by little, we will get there. 

It is really strange being home all of the time with no visitors. I am someone who enjoys being at home and I generally spend much of my life at home but having the choice taken away is so strange. I miss the freedom of taking the dogs to the countryside for a long walk or going out for dinner and a drink. I also miss seeing wider family. My heart goes out to all of those people who live alone while we are in lockdown as I imagine it must be really lonely. 

Free time

So in our free time at home we have been playing lots of games and I must admit we have been quite addicted to Monopoly deal card game. Anyone who follows my IG stories will have seen it pop up on my story most nights throughout April! I have been enjoying playing bingo via zoom with fellow bloggers.  Courtesy of 34SP who have kindly put up the prizes although I have not managed to win! 

We have also been taking part in a local pub quiz via zoom to try and win a free dinner once they are open again! Again we have not won!  However, I did win two of the family quizzes which we have been doing using zoom and taking turns to be quizmaster.  I wrote a post with over 30 stay at home family activities if you need some inspiration. 

Faith in the garden reading in lockdown
Maths in the garden, getting some sun!


Faith had her Easter break in line with the schools and then we are now on our new topic of African animals. Disney + has been great as they have documentaries for kids on there about elephants, african cats and lions. Although the one we recently watched on lions looked rather dated! This topic has lots of art as you can find a tutorial online to draw pretty much anything. Therefore, it made sense to draw the animals which we have been learning about. 

We have been doing Diversity dance classes for PE as the lovely Ashley Banjo has given free access to the classes. They are really good and Faith has been loving it. We have also been doing some colouring each week while listening to audio books which has been really relaxing. When I suggested we give it a go Faith was a bit reluctant but she is now really enjoying it and it is nice to be screen free and chill. 


Easter was a quiet one. No family over for a big dinner as we would normally do. As Faith is too big for egg hunts now I did a dog treat hunt in the garden for the boys instead! They absolutely loved it! It really made me smile and I am definitely going to do it again for them. The funny thing now though, is that they keep searching for treats every time they see me out in the garden, bless them! 

What I’ve been watching

I am actually really surprised as I have not watched that much this month considering we are on lockdown.  I thought it would have been a lot more. I have enjoyed season two of ‘Bullet Proof’ on sky, which is a British show about two detectives who like to push the limits to get the job done. On Disney + Faith and I have found ‘Brain Games’ which we love. We have only watched two so far but they are really interesting and perfect for homeschool so we are going to watch one a week.  

On Netflix I really enjoyed season two of ‘After life’ which I had been waiting months for. There is only six 30 minute episodes so I binged it all in one night! Very emotional but brilliant! I also watched ‘the letter for the king’ which is not something that I would normally watch. I am glad that I did as I actually really liked it. It is set in the time of knights and castles and is based on a book. 

Another great find was ‘the unlisted’. This is more aimed for teens but as I am a big kid, I really enjoyed it and I hope that they make a season two. It is Australian and centers around a school. The kids are made to have dental check ups but are implanted with something which means they can now be controlled like robots. 

I have loved the latest season of ‘Friday night dinner’. That show gets better each season and makes  me laugh so much. Finally, I am being made to watch Britain’s got talent by Darren and Faith. I use to really like it but now it just seems a bit boring. I prefer the live finals but I am watching as Darren and Faith like me to watch with them.

Bathroom tiles
My finished tiles - cheap and cheerful!

Other news

I have finally finished my bathroom! We painted back in January but I had lost my tile whitener so I could not finish. I ordered a few different ones over the months that followed. None of the ones I got worked like the ones I had used years before and then finally I remembered where I brought the originals from. So, I got some more and finished off with some tile transfers (affiliate link).

So that is all of my news for April. I hope that you are all okay and getting through this strange time of lockdown as best as you can. 

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