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Ace Ultra for white’s test

I was gifted a bottle of Ace Ultra in order to take part in this challenge. For more information about what this means, please click here.

This post is an entry for the #ACEit Challenge, sponsored by ACE. Get ideas on how to wash whites, treat stains, and laundry like a boss with tips from the ACE site!

I have been testing Ace Ultra for whites and I am sharing the results with you all.  Ace Ultra is specifically formulated to help brighten dull whites and it’s gentle on delicate clothes. You must only wash items which are completely white though as it contains bleach and would ruin any colours. 

As it contains bleach, it also kills viruses which makes it great for keeping your family clean and safe. 

Does Ace Ultra actually work?

I gathered up all of our oldest greyest clothes to really put Ace Ultra to the test. I found an old bra that belonged to one of the girls which actually looked like it was supposed to be grey even though it was white when purchased! 

At first, after one wash, I was not sure that it had made much of a difference. That is until I compared the before and after pictures! I think that the results speak for themselves! 

Before and after using Ace Ultra
My old vest top after just one wash!

I am so pleased! That old grey bra looks like new! The white socks with black soles are a crisp white all over and everything looks fantastic! It has given my old tired whites a new lease of life!

I am definitely going to be continuing to use this whenever I have a completely white load of laundry to wash. 

What you need to know

  • Contains bleach.
  • Available from Morrisons
  • Must only be used on completely white items – no patterns
  • Concentrated so lasts longer
  • kills viruses
  • Actually works!
split photo showing before and after results of using Ace Ultra on a white load of washing
Check out the results for yourself!

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