A trip to Shreks Adventure London

When I first heard about this attraction opening in 2015 I knew that I wanted to take FJ there, as she is a huge Shrek fan. Three years later and we finally made it there! DJ, CJ, FJ and I recently spent a weekend in London so a trip to Shrek’s Adventure had to be included in our itinerary! 

Shreks adventure is a ride and walk through attraction located on London’s South Bank amongst other well-known attractions, such as the London Eye and the London Dungeons. It is also part of the Merlin group so if you have a Merlin pass then you can use that there for free entry. 
We booked our tickets online where you pick a date and time to enter the attraction. Tickets are priced at £19 for over 16’s and £15.30 for children 3-15 years. This saved us £32.20 by avoiding the on the day gate price. However, this still cost us £72.30 for our party of three adults and one child.

What’s involved

So the experience is estimated to last for 90 minutes which is actually pretty accurate. Upon entering the attraction you are ushered into a role play where you are visiting the land of Far Far Away. On your journey, you meet an array of characters from the film who all play a part in helping you complete your adventure. 
Near the star,t you climb aboard a magic bus where you experience a 3D bus ride which was my personal favourite part of the experience. FJ was particularly pleased to be chosen to pass on key items in the story on two separate occasions. There are some photo points along the way and when you get to the end you are given a photo album with your pictures already inside with the option to purchase it for £25.


The pros and cons



  • The 3D bus ride was amazing
  • The story is fully interactive as you walk through meeting various characters
  • All staff and characters were very friendly and did an amazing job


  • It is not cheap for 90 minutes of family fun if you are on a budget
  • Being given the photo album with your photographs already inside and no information on price is in my opinion very calculating and can put unnecessary pressure on parents and carers to purchase.


Was it worth it?

Although quite pricey, for us, it was totally worth the cost as FJ had an absolute blast and we made some brilliant family memories together and even us adults all had a fun experience too.  



Have you and your family visited Shrek’s adventure? If you have, what did you think? 
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  1. The expense of the trip for 90 mins has always put me off but it seems like you guys had a blast so I may put it back on the list again x #Blogstravaganza

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