A pint of socks

Buying gifts for father’s day or any celebration where you need to buy for a man can be tricky so making a pint of socks for the man in your life can be a great idea especially if you would like to get the kids involved to help make a lovely gift.

This is not my idea, it was something that I read about quite a few years ago now but I thought that I would share the idea for those that have not yet come across it as Father’s day is not far away now.

To make a pint of socks you will need;

* A pint glass.
* A pair of men’s black socks.
* A white flannel.
* Some cellophane.
* Some ribbon.
* A piece of card to make a tag.

To make a pint of socks you simply need to stuff the glass with the black socks to three quarters full and then place the flannel on the top. 

You then wrap the glass with cello and add some ribbon. You can then make a tag and write ‘Pint of socks’ on the tag.

A simple, fun, low cost gift that is perfect for the kids to make and treat their dads or grandads.

8 thoughts on “A pint of socks

  1. My husband really needs socks cuz he just lose them! I dont know whats happening like theres a sock black hole in my house! #mmwbh

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