A girly night

I decided to have some fun with Faith last weekend so we had a beauty night together, just the two of us. I brought some sweets and treats for us and we started the night by doing some craft together which was lovely as there was no distractions and we got to chat together loads while we were crafting.

Then we decided to have a face pack but as faith is only small I didn’t want to put a shop brought one on her skin in case it gave her a bad reaction so we decided to make one. 

We decided to make a cucumber mask as cucumber is suppose to be very good for your skin and also because we had one in our fridge that we could use. The method was very simple, you just had to put the cucumber into a blender and mash it all up.

It looked horrible and reminded me of frogspawn but we kept reminding ourselves that it was only cucumber and we gave it a go. Now, I was very kind to Faith and I made sure it didn’t go in her hair and that I didn’t put too much on her. 

However, Faith was not so kind to me!

It was a lot of fun and very messy, but a good laugh that only cost a few pence so it was worth getting covered in gunge as I have never heard Faith laugh so much!! We did have lovely soft skin after we had washed it off as well.

We then got ourselves ready for bed and then cuddled up together to watch our favourite movie which was of course Disney’s Frozen. 

We had a great night together and the next morning Faith woke me up with the biggest hugs and thanked me for our girly night together which was so lovely, I’m sure that we will be having many more nights like that one in the future.

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  1. says:
    Sounds like a fun night and your daughter obviously loved it! :)
  2. says:
    Yes it was lots of fun :-) Thanks for commenting xx
  3. says:
    Aww! How lovely! Sounds like a perfect night x
  4. says:
    It was :-) Thanks for commenting xx
  5. looks like lots of fun, i remember those days when i used to put cucumber on my face as well) #binkylinky
  6. says:
    Thanks Victoria :-)

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