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A nod to the 90s! (#AD)

A decade to remember

Being born in 1980, the 1990s hold a lot of memories for me as I went through all of the transitions of growing up. I left a small village primary school and went to a much larger high school in a nearby town. I moved in with my Great Nana who was an absolute superstar and I said a sad goodbye to the same beautiful Great Nana who unfortunately passed away two years later. It was also in the 90s that I met my now husband, we got engaged, started living together and I gave birth to our two oldest daughters all between 1990 and 1999. Add to that a mixture of hormones, boys, exams, multiple house moves and teenage angst and you can see why the ’90s would be a memorable decade!

Some special memories

My Favourite film from the 90s has to be Disneys Beauty and the Beast (1991) as not only did I love the film but I also have a fantastic memory attached as my Gran Nana took me to see it at the cinema. Another of my favourite 90s movies is ‘Dangerous Minds’ (1996). This was the first film that DJ and I saw together at the cinema so again holds special memories for me. 

The absolute best moment in the 90s for me was when I gave birth to my first child! Closely followed by giving birth to my second daughter too! There are only 16 months between them!

My favourite song from the 90s has to be ‘Gangsters Paradice’ by Coolio and was the main song for the aforementioned film, Dangerous Minds. 


I remember once reading that the music you listen to in your teenage years will often stay with a person as it is normally the first music that you choose to listen to yourself as you develop. I have to agree that I do still listen to my favourite 90s tracks all these years later.

It’s funny as when I was young I would hear older people talking about music from the 60s and 70s and saying how ‘they do not make music like they use to’ and I would think how funny they were. I always vowed that I would always be current with my music choices. Fast forward twenty plus years later and I have no clue what is in the charts as I am always playing my 90s playlist as to me, nothing can beat the music from back then! 

The Spice Girls

The Spice Girls are particularly memorable as they stormed into the Uk charts in 1996. It was amazing to watch and they did so much for boosting female confidence with their ‘girl power’ slogan. Their debut single ‘Wannabe’ was top of the charts in 37 countries and their debut album became the best-selling album of all time, by a female group. 

The world went Spice Girl crazy and was devastated when they announced that they were going their separate ways. However, fans both old and new will be pleased to hear that the girls have released a new 2019 UK tour which started May 23rd in Dublin. The full list of dates and locations can be found at the end of this post. 

Spice girls and camera crew on someones doorstep pulling confetti poppers

In light of this, Walkers crisps have reunited with the girls after 22 years to search for the Spice Girls biggest fan!


Do you love the Spice Girls enough to share your Walkers crisps? Or is there someone else you would be willing to share your crisps with? I would love to hear your thoughts. 


  • Friday 24th May – Dublin – Croke Park Stadium
  • Monday 27th May – Cardiff – Principality Stadium
  • Wednesday 29th May – Manchester – Etihad Stadium
  • Friday 31st May – Manchester – Etihad Stadium
  • Saturday 1st June – Manchester – Etihad Stadium
  • Monday 3rd June – Coventry – Ricoh Stadium
  • Tuesday 4th June – Coventry – Ricoh Stadium
  • Thursday 6th June – Sunderland – Stadium Of Light
  • Saturday 8th June – Edinburgh – BT Murrayfield Stadium
  • Monday 10th June – Bristol – Ashton Gate Stadium
  • Thursday 13th June – London – Wembley Stadium
  • Friday 14th June – London – Wembley Stadium
  • Saturday 15th June – London – Wembley Stadium


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  1. says:
    I was at uni in the 90’s so it was a very special period for me too. Music was a big thing and I was really into the Britpop scene and the fantastic clubbing tunes. I really would share my Walkers crisps with the Spice Girls purely for being a huge part of our 90’s memories. When ever I see them I am transported back to the 90’s and that is a fab place to be. #DreamTeam
  2. says:
    I was in my 20's during the 90's and my two kids were born in 96 and 97, so it was a cool decade.
  3. Its weird to think how long ago the 90s are now. I graduated HS in 92 and spent most of the decade in a drunken fog trying to figure out who I was going to be. #dreamteam
  4. says:
    I did love the 90's. It was a fun time for me full of youth and hope!! Thanks for sharing with the #DreamTeam

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