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7 positive cosplay skills

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As a parent of a cosplay obsessed daughter I think that it is important that we look at the positives which cosplay can bring to a child’s life. Faith has developed so many positive skills since she has been cosplaying, I thought that I share what she has learned. 

Performance skills

Faith has definitely developed her performance skills since entering the cosplay world! Not only when attending cons and getting on stage to participate in games, lip sync battles and cosplay mascarades but also when making content for her social media channels. She takes on the personality of the character which involves acting skills and all of this has helped develop her confidence too which is fantastic.

Photography skills

Most cosplayers enjoy taking pictures of themselves in cosplay and this leads to developing skills in photography. Whether it is learning how to get the perfect shot, gaining skills in using lighting in photography or using editing software, there are so many skills being learned through cosplay. 

Girl in full cosplay showing cosplay skills of performance and photography
In this shot you can see that both performance and photography skills are being used.


Many cosplayers enjoy reading either manga or fan fiction so this can really help develop their reading skills. Faith who never wanted to read normal books absolutely loves reading fanfiction about different characters from her favourite anime. Sometimes, I have to get her to stop reading so that we can do other things!  


Fanfiction is fiction which is written by the fans of the anime shows. Many cosplayers also develop their writing skills by writing their own fanfiction using the characters from their favourite shows. 

Makeup and special effects

Another great cosplay skill is makeup and special effects. Using makeup and liquid latex cosplayers can completely change their facial features. They also use wigs, contacts and even fake teeth to perfect their look. It really is an artform. 

Faith in cosplay as Mina Ashido
Faith used body paint to become pink and made the horns herself too.

Fashion design and sewing skills

Many cosplayers like to make their own costumes too which develops their sewing and design skills. It also encompasses math skills as well with measuring their materials and planning the sizing of the clothing. 

Art and design

Making props is another cosplay skill which is quickly gained. It is amazing how resourceful cosplayers can be when making items which they need for a character. Faith has even made teeth, well fangs, which attach to her own teeth which I think is amazing. 

I think that you will agree that that is a fabulous set of cosplay skills! Who would have thought that a person could gain so many skills from one hobby! I for one am super proud of my daughter and all of her amazing friends that she has made throughout the cosplay community. 

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    Cosplay can really help with confidence and help develop social skills. Great post.
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