5 very low cost Christmas activities to do with your children this Christmas.

We all know how stressful the Christmas season can get when it comes to our finances so it can be difficult to think of things that you can do with your children that are not going to cost you a fortune. What people sometimes forget is that Christmas activities can in actual fact be very inexpensive if you use your imagination. Here are five ideas to get you started.
1. Christmas carolling.
you could do a search on the internet to find a local group that you could go with or if there are none in your area then why not start your own group and pick a charity to donate any money given to you. If you’re not feeling so adventurous to sing in public then why not print off some lyrics and get the music online so that you and your family can have a carolling session at home. Children especially love to sing so you could have a fun afternoon together for the cost of some ink.
2. Put on a show.
You could either make up a dance to some Christmas music or you could go the whole hog and do a made-up play with singing and dancing depending on the ages of your children and how many you have. You can then perform for daddy or grandparents and get someone to film it for lasting memories.
3. A Christmas sweet hunt.
Buy a bag of Christmas shaped chocolates such as chocolate Santa’s or snowmen which are normally sold for £1 a bag, but quite often you can get 2 bags for £1 so very inexpensive. You then hide the chocolates all over the house (but make sure you count how many you have hidden so that you know when the game is over!) You then get your children to find them. I love this game as it is so simple to do but such good fun for the kids. If you have more then one child you could assign each child a shape so if they see any that are not meant for them they leave them where they are and carry on looking for their own. It’s a great game as you can adjust the difficultness according to the age and ability of the child so that all ages can play.
4. Christmas crafting session.
Raid your arts and crafts stash and have a family crafting session. You could make pictures, collages, models or Christmas cards.
5. A nighttime walk.
Wrap up warm and go for a walk one night around your neighbourhood to see all the decorations that have been put up on the houses. You can even make it a game by seeing who can spot the most Santa lights or reindeer’s and so on. Young children especially love going for walks in the dark as everything seems so much more exciting when it’s dark and they should be in bed!

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