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5 Second Rule: review

red dice with white spotsWelcome to the first of a new blog feature – BGA day. BGA stands for Board Game Analysis, as we love playing board games or table games as a family so I thought it would be nice to share which games we like and what they are about in case you would like to play them with your families too. We are starting off with the game from Interplay – 5 second rule.

We have regular game nights with our oldest daughter and her partner, something which my oldest loves and often asks us if they can come over for a game night. I think that much of this is down to all of the board game nights that we would have when she was a child. We also have a big family game night once a month too where our wider family joins in and we take turns hosting and providing food and prizes. 

I do like video games but you just do not get the same interaction when you are all staring at a screen, so I am a proud board game supporter. 

5 second rule

This game (affiliate link) was recently purchased by our son-in-law to be, and most of us absolutely love it. I say most as Darren is not such a fan but everyone else really likes it. It is for age 10+ and three players or more. 

What’s in the box

Contents of 5 second rule game - packs of cards, timer, instructions, movers and a board
Inside the box!


  • 376 double-sided question cards
  • 12 pass on cards
  • 12 switch cards
  • 6 playing movers
  • 1 board
  • 1 spiral timer

Object and gameplay

So the concept is really simple. You are asked to name three of something and you have five seconds to answer. For example; ‘name three coastal towns’ or ‘name three famous Michaels’. If you answer correctly before the timer runs out, you move forward one space. The first to get to the ‘finish’ space on the board wins. However, if you do not manage to name three before the timer runs out then the next player/team has to answer the same question. The catch is that they are not allowed to repeat any answers that have already been said for this card. If the same card has been attempted by all other players without success then the original player who first had the card gets to move forward one space. 

5 second rule board
The board for 5 second rule

There are also cards that can be used to change the question or pass to the next player. The danger zones are where incorrect answers mean you lose a turn and have to lay your mover on its side! All sounds nice and simple, right? WRONG! It is so much harder than it sounds trying to answer in just five seconds!


I have never laughed so much playing a board game, ever! It is absolutely brilliant! It is amazing how your brain can freeze when under pressure. Sometimes I would come out with words that made no sense in the panic of it! We have played five second rule at our big family game night where we played in teams of two. Also at our small game nights where we played individually as there were only five of us and every time has been so much fun. 

Darren’s reason for not liking the game was because he does not like being put on the spot and feeling under pressure. Everyone else including myself really loved playing. I am not very good at the game though as I am yet to win a game! I would definitely recommend this game, it gets a big thumbs up from me!

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