3 things people don’t tell you about making slime!

My daughter has joined the craze of wanting to make slime, so like many mums, I started looking for recipes and ‘how to’ posts on making slime, so that we could make some of our own. From this, I have discovered three things that no one tells you when you’re looking through tutorials on Pinterest or blog posts about making slime, which I think that people need to know!

1. It is expensive!

The key ingredient to making most slime recipes is contact lens solution which must contain boric acid, which is not cheap. The cheapest one that I could find locally was one being sold in Boots which cost £6.50 for just 100ml. Add this to the rest of the ingredients and we spent nearly £15 which is a lot of money when you are living on the breadline, especially if you end up with no proper slime!

2. It is not easy!

The amount of recipes which we looked at which said that they were an ‘easy two minute slime recipe ‘ or ‘super easy slime recipe’, but in fact it is not easy as the balance of ‘activator’ needed to make actual slime is so delicate, that if you add too much you end up with hard stoggy or brittle slime. Not enough and you have a bowl of goopy water.

3. First attempt failures are completely normal!

The likelihood of you making good slime on your first attempt is highly unlikely so you are not a failure, you are just normal. When you see so many posts telling you how easy it is to make perfect slime and after several attempts all you have managed to make is a mess, it is easy to think that you must be a failure as everyone can do it apart from you. The thing is like I said before, it is not actually easy to make as you need to get the balance right between the ingredients, so you should expect a few failed attempts before you get the hang of how much of each ingredient to use.

After three failed attempts we are still yet to perfect the slime making process, but if we ever manage to become successful I will let you know.

Have you made successful slime? How did you find it?

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  1. says:
    She had made it a few different times. Now I have bags of slime that keep turning. Yick! #bloggerclubUK
  2. says:
    I know that feeling lol
  3. says:
    slime has completely taken over our household. My daughter has a specific table covered in newspaper that she uses and has her own shopping list for when we go to the store. #dreamteam
  4. says:
    I'm hoping to avoid the slime craze. I'm keeping this post handy just I'm case I hear those words.

    "Daddy let's make slime!"

    I'm not looking forward to first attempt failure with a wilful 3 year old though!

  5. says:
    OMG, I despise slime! I can see through the lens of a 7 yr old how this is joyful and amazing. But this momma's eyes see disaster on the sofa, clothing, walls, floor. Whomever invented this, they had no kids! #dreamteam xoxo
  6. says:
    Oh wow! It's amazing how popular these things can get!
  7. says:
    Wish we had lol!
  8. says:
    I know! FJ fell asleep with a lump of it and when she woke up it was stuck over everything! luckily it came out in the wash but I was not amused! xx
  9. Hehe! And this is the exact reason why I now refuse to make home made slime. It's so expensive and hit and miss. When really, you can just pop to the shops and get some really funky ones for under a fiver. The other day I spend just £2 on 2 pots of the gunky stuff.

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