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21st birthday: 21 gifts for 21 years

It was recently Chloe’s 21st birthday. When both Lauren and Chloe turned 21 I did the same thing. I brought 21 presents and labelled each one with a thoughtful reason as to why I brought the gift. This does not have to be expensive, it is more about the thought than money. I brought 20 small value gifts and then the 21st present was the higher value gift. 

The one higher value gift

With Lauren her main gift was a trip to the Coronation street tour as she had been talking about wanting to go for years. As Chloe knew that she would be getting a higher value main gift as there is only 16 months between them and she knows that they both get treated the same, she asked if we could go to Thorpe park for her main gift. 

Mirrored plaque with the words 'love you always' and 21st birthday tag
Mirror quote picture
Pastel highlighters with 21st birthday tag
Pastel highlighters

I originally booked two days in the park and a night in the onsite hotel for June 4th but with Covid-19 it has now been moved back to September so we will have to see how things go. It may end up being moved to next year if theme parks are not allowed to open. At least the thought was there! 

20 low value 21st birthday gifts

It was much harder to get the 20 small value gifts this year with many shops being closed and being told to stay home. I had a small budget to work with so could not afford the high delivery costs many stores were asking for. I did manage to do it though and Chloe seemed really happy with all of her gifts. 

For the labels, I made gift tags which you are more than welcome to download from my freebie library and use if you plan to do a similar thing. 

Packet of fridge magnet photo holders
Framed photo of Chloe

The presents

Here is a list of the presents which I got Chloe for her 21st birthday and the messages I wrote to give you an idea of what I am talking about!

  1. A car air freshener – Because we know that you can do anything if you set your mind to it. 
  2. Friends (TV show) tote bag – because you are a good friend.
  3. A candle in a glass jar with the letter C on it – because from the day you were born you have lit up our lives. 
  4. A scratch card – because you deserve some luck!
  5. Pastel highlighters – Because you are a Mrs Hinch fan and I am sure that these will go well with your Mrs Hinch books. 
  6. A red heart tea light burner – because this will look great in your kitchen once you get your new home. 
  7. A sheet mask, body souffle and lip scrub – because you deserve a pamper night.
  8. Tub of facemask and applicator – because you like to look after yourself. 
  9. Pens – because you are creative and like to write
  10. Pineapple sponge – because you like pineapples!
  11. To do list pad – because mum life is busy.
  12. Glue dots, patterned card and washi tape – because you are crafting memories for your beautiful son and making us proud. 
  13. Aussie hair shampoo and conditioner – because you have lovely hair!
  14. Nail art remover – because you always have great nails
  15. Fridge magnet photo holders – because you are a fantastic mum making memories which you will not want to forget
  16. Mirrored plaque – because you will always be loved by us.
  17. Foundation brush – because you can never have too many of these.
  18. A photo frame with a picture of Chloe and the number 21 – because you are 21 and stunning.
  19. Chocolates – because even though you try to hide it, you are sweet hearted.
  20. White wine – because everyone deserves a drink on their birthday!
21st birthday bundle of presents in a gift hamper

What did you get your children on their 21st birthday? I would love to hear from you.

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