Clash of the clothes: the results!

Lady wearing white vest top, navy cardigan and navy jeggins.

A little later than planned but here are the results!    Outfit B was a clear winner and the person who styled outfit B was FJ! So I have one very happy ten year old who thinks that the fact that she has managed to completely thrash me in the first round of the game is hilarious! FJ received a new pot of slime which she had been wanting as a thank you for taking part. She is also really[Read more]

B is for best friends: Relationship A-Z

Close up of male and female holding hands

The best kind of relationship is when they’re not only your lover, but your best friend too – Darren and I are best friends and it is a great feeling, knowing that no matter what else happens in life he is there for me. Whenever anything happens, my first thought is always that I want to tell Darren about this. If you think about what you would expect from a best friend, things like; someone who wishes you happiness and[Read more]

A is for apologising: Relationship A-Z

Lady holding pink flowers apologising

An apology doesn’t have to mean that you were wrong, or that the other person was right. It means that your relationship is more valuable than your ego – Unknown.  Do you apologise easily? The ability to admit when you are wrong and apologise is important in a good relationship. It can be hard to put your pride to one side and make the first move. Even more so if you truly believe that you are actually right and therefore should[Read more]

The Unicorn Edit

Unicorn lego figure and a black mug with a unicorn on it

I have always been a fan of unicorns since I was a little girl. Lately, I have noticed that there has been a real unicorn trend and you can get all sorts of unicorn themed things. In this post I have put together a collection of unicorn themed items which I have found and like, so if you are a fan or have a unicorn fan to buy for, you have lots of ideas.  In this collection, there are kids[Read more]

Round one of our style game and a competition!

Woman wearing two different outfits, split screen

Welcome to the first round of my new monthly style game – Clash of the clothes. This month we went to our local Asda store with the challenge of styling a plus size lady in a daytime casual outfit, using only what the store has.  Please take a moment to vote for your favourite either by using the Gleam form, visiting one of my social media accounts or commenting below. I think that we did quite well with the photography as[Read more]

Welcome to my new game – Clash of the clothes

A mother and daughter play boxing in a field with a storm

Welcome to my new monthly style game. The idea This idea came from a conversation with my youngest daughter FJ who is ten. We were talking about ideas for features on my blog and we came up with this game. We thought that it would be a lot of fun for us both and we like the idea of involving the audience and making it a challenge as we can both be rather competitive!  How it works! Once a month[Read more]

Diverse Debate – Racism

Four people holding speech bubbles

Racism within the UK I grew up in a small village in the 1980’s which consisted of only white British people. As a young child, the only people I had ever seen who were not white British were on TV. At my high school, my whole year group were white British. I think that there were probably less than ten children in a school of around a thousand who were from an ethnic minority.  I remember asking my mum why a[Read more]

Welcome to the diverse debate hour

Four people holding speech bubbles

Welcome to my new monthly feature!  Do you enjoy a good debate? Do you like to give your opinion on different topics or maybe you like to read other opinions before formulating your own? Then join me for my monthly #DiverseDebate hour which will be on the second Monday of each month between 8 and 9pm UK time over on Twitter. Each month to accompany this, I will write a post on the blog which addresses the topic for discussion[Read more]

New resource for mums

Text in gold inside a square

I wanted to share with you today a powerful online resource which I have recently found called The inspiring Mummy Club.   What is it? This is an online community which teaches mums to take back control to change their lives through tools such as mindfulness, NLP, hypnosis and positivity. Everything comes in bite-sized chunks as they understand how busy mum life can be!  The doors of membership are only open until Saturday 8th at 6 pm, so if you would like[Read more]

August 2018 movie reviews

Welcome to my monthly movie feature! I am a big movie fan and I have a monthly cinema card. This means I can visit my local cinema as many times a month as time will allow. So I thought that I would give my thoughts on the films which I have watched each month. However, this is just my opinion so please don’t send me angry messages if you watch a movie which I have recommended and you did not actually[Read more]