5 tips for when you need money fast

Family life often has its challenges and family finances are one of the biggest challenges for us. Especially as we have lived most of our lives on only one wage, as I was either a stay at home mum, ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or a student. Many of us do not have the capacity to save money for emergencies, as it is hard making the bills each month and there is always something to pay out for, so when[Read more]

A letter to my school bullies

Dear school bullies I wonder if you even think about or remember how cruel you were to me when we were in high school? I wonder if you realise the long-term impact that your actions and words have had on my whole life and if you even care? Well, I remember. I was always a quiet child and when I started high school I had come from a tiny village primary school. My primary school had a total of 52[Read more]

Have an organised start to the day

Mornings can be chaotic, especially when you have children to contend with as well! I am not a morning person so I knew that I needed to take action to help my mornings run more smoothly. There were many occasions in the past when I would be up late, not be able to find things that we needed and I would be dressing the girls and find that they had stains on their outfits or the outfit I wanted to[Read more]

Birthday boys!

My three boys are not just animals to me, they are part of the family. They are so important to me as they bring me so much joy, companionship and loyalty. I really do not know what I will do when they pass on. Anyway, the point that I am trying to make is that as I regard them as members of the family it seemed only natural to me that on Leo’s first birthday we would celebrate with a[Read more]

PrintKick Review

We were kindly sent a box of goodies from Printkick for an afternoon of fun. Printkick is a family business which started in 2001. They primarily sell ceramics like printed mugs to small businesses around the UK but they have recently expanded their range to include a whole host of items, some of which we are reviewing today.         Printkick has also launched a new eco-friendly products range and has also worked on a campaign with ADHD[Read more]

My top ten best lunch boxes

With the children back to school in September here in the UK, many parents will be shopping for school supplies so here are my top 10 of the best lunch boxes available from Amazon.    Affiliate links are at the bottom of the page and cost you no extra, but help to keep my blog going.          1) Sistema Lunch Slimline Quaddie, 1.5 L – Blue/Green I love this as it is great value and I really like[Read more]

Do you know the difference between use by and best before dates?

According to the UK Food Standards Agency the ‘use by’ date is all about the safety of eating the food, so if the packaging has a ‘use by’ date, then you should never eat it once that date has passed as it is not safe to do so. Even if the food looks or smells ok, it could have bacteria in it which could cause serious illness. However, the ‘best before date’ is all about the quality of the food and[Read more]

3 things people don’t tell you about making slime!

My daughter has joined the craze of wanting to make slime, so like many mums, I started looking for recipes and ‘how to’ posts on making slime, so that we could make some of our own. From this, I have discovered three things that no one tells you when you’re looking through tutorials on Pinterest or blog posts about making slime, which I think that people need to know! 1. It is expensive! The key ingredient to making most slime[Read more]

A family day out at Chessington theme park

Chessington theme park and the zoo is a great family day out as there is so much to see and do, enough for more than a day, I wish that we had gone for two days.                    There are a good variety of rides which cater to younger children, all the way up to the brave thrill seekers! The park is divided into different themed areas and everything is very well signposted.[Read more]