My greatest internet fear.

The internet is something that I am a huge fan of as it is a source of so much instant information and you can learn so much. Only the other day I was reading a blog where the bloggers young daughter had managed to teach herself to knit by watching videos on you tube which is fantastic. I myself am inspired daily by the things I read and see on line and I think that our children in the UK[Read more]

Themed family fun week one.

Welcome to the first week of my new themed family fun linky. The idea is simple – each week I will tell you a theme. It could be a colour, a shape, an animal, a holiday or anything. You then use the theme to have some family fun and write a blog post telling us all what you did. You might cook something or craft something or visit somewhere. Whatever you like as long as you are having fun. The[Read more]

The prompt – week 7

This weeks Prompt from mum turned mom is a quote and it is: Seek the wisdom of the ages but look at the world through the eyes of a child. Ron Wild. I love the idea of the second part of this quote but I must admit that I am not so keen on the first part so I have decided to spilt the quote into two different topics. ‘Seek the wisdom of the ages’ implys that the older one gets[Read more]

Chilli beef pancakes.

 Chilli beef pancakes are a great dinner to have on pancake day or any day you like as it is a lovely low cost dinner to have if you are feeding your family on a budget. Ingredients. 250g beef mince. Onion – chopped. Pepper (any colour of your choice) – deseeded and chopped. A tin of chopped tomatoes. A tin of red kidney beans. A tin of baked beans. 1 – 2 tsps. of chilli powder (I use mild[Read more]