Themed family fun – outer space week

Courtesy of dreamstime. Welcome to themed family fun – outer space!This week we have made outer space pictures and model rockets.Outer space pictures.For this we simply used chalk on black paper to draw pictures of planets and stars and we smudged some of the stars to make them look twinkly. We then used some star and space stickers which I brought from a craft shop to finish them off.Model Rocket.For this you need; * Empty toilet roll.                              * Tissue paper.                             [Read more]

The prompt – week 10.

This weeks prompt from mumturnedmom is a scenario and it is: If I had three wishes… I should say that if I had three wishes I would wish for world peace, no more poverty and the cure for cancer but I suspect that most people would say those things and as great as they are, I would like to talk about things from a more personal point of view. So, if I had three wishes I would wish for; 1)[Read more]

My groovy update 13/03/14 – 19/03/14

This week has been a quiet week and although we have not been up to that much, it has still been a nice week. On Thursday I returned to weight watchers and although the first week was not great, I did manage to loose 3.5lbs which I am pleased with. If you missed yesterdays post on this you can read it here. On Friday Faith brought home her first proper school report which was fantastic. I was really nervous to[Read more]

A bad start with a nice ending!

A week following the weight watchers new simple start plan which is basically the same as slimming worlds old plan that I have done in the past but with even less flexibility and I was not a happy dieter! I think that half of the problem was that I thought I knew what I was going to be eating and had already planned out my weeks meals etc. and then I was hit with the new plan which you do[Read more]

Bottom gate!

Having two teenage girls often means that I am walking on egg shells as their hormones are all over the place and they can get very upset by the slightest things regarding their appearances. I normally find that avoiding giving an answer to questions can get me out of trouble so for example if asked ‘Does this dress go with these shoes’ I would say ‘Do you think that they go?’ Then they would say something like ‘yes, but I[Read more]

1 down 39 to go!

Back in late January you may remember me writing my 40 things to do by the time I reach aged 40 list and this week I managed to complete one of the items on the list. 3) Get a new dishwasher. Now this may not seem very exciting to most people but it is very exciting for me. I have never had a new dishwasher before, they have always been second hand or given to us by friends and family[Read more]

Themed family fun – week three.

Welcome to the third week of my linky. Last week we had a week of pink but unfortunately we are yet to have any link ups so far which is sad but then, it was only the second week so fingers crossed things will improve in time. The idea is simple – each week I will tell you a theme. It could be a colour, a shape, an animal, a holiday or anything. You then use the theme to have some[Read more]

Themed family fun – pink week.

Welcome to week two of Themed family fun – a week of pink! We didn’t manage as much as I would of liked but we did make a lovely pink pompom heart to hang in Faith’s bedroom this week. We also decided to colour our rice pink one night at dinner to add a little fun to our meal which went down very well with Faith! Heart pompom decoration. To make this you simply need to make three pompoms which[Read more]

The prompt – week 9

The Prompt for this week from the lovely mumturnedmom is a quote and it is: Spring is the time of plans and projects. Leo Tolstoy, Anna Karenina I like to think that spring is the next step for planning and goal setting after setting new year resolutions. When we get to spring it is the perfect time to review those goals that we set ourselves and make an action plan on moving forward adjusting our previous goals to fit where[Read more]

My groovy update 06/03/14 – 12/03/14

After the highs of last week this week has been quite low and difficult but then I guess that is the way life goes, every week can not be fantastic so I just need to be able to learn to deal with the more flat weeks better and make the most of every great week that I have. Faith has finally recovered from her chicken pox and is now back at school which is great as it was hard having[Read more]