March idea list

Welcome to the March idea list. There is a different idea for each day of the month and then at the end of the month I will post a new list for April. Feel free to follow the list to the letter or just pick and choose the ones that best fit your life style. The whole idea of this list is basically to give you some ‘ideas’ to get more organised and have more fun in your life. I always love to hear[Read more]

Little winter adventure with Barny bear

We decided to go on an adventure to a local playground which although is smaller then the local park it is perfect for winter time as there is no muddy grass anywhere. It was a sunny day but still quite cold so we made sure we had coats and jackets on. We played on the slide, the see-saw and the swings and had great fun. We took our Barny bear snacks with us to keep hunger at bay and Faith[Read more]

My groovy update 20/02/14 – 26/02/14

This week has been a quiet week for us. I think I needed a calmer week after last weeks fun, so for me I have spent most of my week baking, working on the blog and doing things with the kids. On Saturday it was the last part of Faith’s birthday celebrations with a party at a local soft play centre for Faith and 9 of her friends. Only five friends actually came which was a shame although it didn’t[Read more]

Less food waste = more money!

Image courtesy of According to the love food hate waste website we throw away 7 million tonnes of food and drink every year and as a mum trying to feed a family on a budget I thought that it would be a good topic to cover. It may sound silly to most but it was not until a year or so ago that I learnt what the differences between the dates on food actually meant. I use to think[Read more]

Themed family fun.

Many of you have probably already seen or heard about me tweeting and trying to promote my new weekly linky entitled ‘Themed family fun’. If you look at the top of my blog I now have a new page which details what it is all about and on my side bar I have added my badge. It has come to my attention that I may be stepping on a few bloggers toes as others are doing similar and it may appear that[Read more]

Beautiful wall art and a competition!

I have never been a huge fan of hanging paintings in my home to be honest as I can never find anything that I love enough to look at every day and that also matches the d├ęcor but when it comes to pictures of my children then that is a whole different story as of course I love to look at them every day! When Canvas design gave me the opportunity to do a product review for them I jumped at the chance[Read more]

The prompt – week 6.

Welcome to week six of Sara’s the prompt over at mum turned mom. The Prompt for this week is a topic and it is: Pink is for girls Before I became a parent I would cringe if I ever heard anyone say this as I hate to put labels on people but I must admit that being a mum to three girls does change things somewhat. I remember before I got pregnant with my oldest and how I would always[Read more]

My groovy update 13/02/14 – 19/02/14

Wow what a week I’ve had! This week has been very busy but also packed full of fun so I’m not complaining at all. On Thursday I was running out to all the shops to buy all the last bits and bobs that I needed for Faiths birthday and I also had to get some house work done and the weeks food shop too as I knew that once the children finished school on Friday I would not be getting[Read more]

Quote time – Nothing is impossibe….

Today I would like to talk about another of my favourite quotes. ‘Nothing is impossible, the very word itself says I’m possible’ I love this quote as it is so positive and I must admit that I really annoy my oldest daughter with this quote as I am always telling her this.  The thing is, Lauren has a very negative outlook on things (I guess she gets it from her dad) but it really frustrates me. I really believe that if you look at[Read more]

The MAD blog awards.

Some of my regular readers may have noticed that about a week ago a new badge appeared on the side bar of my blog which says the MAD blog awards on it. It was not until I was reading another lovely ladies blog where she had a post talking about what this is that I realised that I had not said anything about this on my blog. So for any readers that are not bloggers and have not heard of[Read more]